Saturday, February 16, 2013

When the Foundations Are Destroyed

Why I Was Wrong to Vote to Approve Same-Sex Marriage

I am convinced that my Heavenly Father just took me to the woodshed by asking me something like, “If what the state calls marriage is so different than what I call marriage then why isn’t it OK for a Christian man and woman to claim to be married in My sight without a marriage license?”

I was totally busted. This is not the first time God has accused me of darkening His counsel with words without knowledge. “O God,” I replied, “I really hate the culture wars.”

I’m not afraid of same-sex marriage. It’s contrary to God’s Holy Law, but—as I don’t believe it’s my place to impose God’s Law on society—I decided it was merely a legal commitment between two people. Our commitments make us stronger and, in this way, society itself is stronger. By that logic, we should completely rethink our opposition to polygamy.

What about the children? That argument did not move me. I imagine that there are heterosexual couples that are worse parents than same-sex couples. The Apostle Paul told us that it’s only when there is at least one committed Christian parent that the children are set apart for Him. Regardless of a nation’s laws, God works in people’s lives and draws them to the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Isn’t it spiritual adultery to expect the state to support God’s work of evangelism? God is mighty to save. Let’s ask Uzzah if the Creator of heaven and earth needs our transportation services or our support when things seem unstable in His kingdom (2nd Samuel 6).

The religious liberty argument definitely did not move me. The Bible teaches that “the whole world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19b NIV84).” I’m ready to lay down my life right now for the gospel. I’m prepared to pay any price to obey God. Shout Amen, somebody! Some worry about persecution. They ask if they will have the strength to die for Christ. I don’t have the strength to live for Him. Thankfully, He gives us His grace. I need to take better advantage of that, and when I truly commit myself to live a godly life in Christ Jesus I have His assurance that I will be persecuted. At this point everybody is being very nice to me. What’s wrong with this picture?

“God will judge this nation for rejecting His Law.” Yes, Jeremiah. You’re absolutely right. God always judges sin. Obedience brings blessings and disobedience brings punishment. The wrath of God is constantly being revealed against those who suppress the truth by their wickedness (Romans 1:18). Tell me about it. I’m as stubborn and stiff-necked as the next guy. That’s why I spend so much quality time with my heavenly Father in the woodshed.

Was it so wrong for me to want same-sex couples to have to live with the marriage tax penalty? Romans chapter thirteen teaches us that God works through the state. Legal marriage has been established by God. I see that now.

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