Saturday, October 26, 2013

The High Cost of Recognizing Personhood

I drive the way the most uptight Pharisee would drive. No more than five over. No closer than two seconds. Constantly judging other drivers, especially those who dare to approach my back bumper. “Feckless dog, you have entered my response zone!”

I must stop this dangerous passive-aggressive tactic of backing off my gas on an uphill slope to terrorize tailgaters. Who will rescue me from this legalistic trap, this gall of bitterness? Thanks be to God, Who reminds me that my fellow drivers are people, like me and like people I love, flawed, broken, afraid. They don’t know what I’ve gone through and I can't imagine what’s troubling them.

The reproductive rights debate has to do with the personhood of the unborn. Do they have the rights of people? Our constitution declared slaves three-fifths people. Our founding fathers knew slaves were people, created in the image of God. Everyone knew. Those who owned slaves received in themselves the due penalty for their sins. It came down upon them like the wrath of God.

What is the cost of acknowledging the Personhood of God, the Father Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ His Only Son, the Holy Spirit the Lord, the Giver of life? It is pricey. No doubt.

IMHO: Atheists act like the most religious of religious people. They think like theologians. They boldly declare what God could and would do. What He could and would not do. They proselytize.

“The fool says in his heart that there is no God (Psalm 14:1).” That doesn’t mean the atheist is stupid. It means he’s afraid. He’s hurting. So he rebels against his Creator. Did he miss the grace of God? Does he miss the greatest friend a man could ever have? Jesus.

Lately I’ve been going over the synoptic gospels again and again. What’s hit me the hardest? The voice of Jesus. No cold logic there. Only: passion, certainty, beauty. He says what truly is. His words are so true that we struggle to take them literally. He marveled at our unbelief. He called us hypocrites for looking on the surface of things. His words will never pass away. His words are powerful. They are majestic. They break the cedar. They do the impossible. They transport us from the dark dungeon to His glorious kingdom of light. They save us.

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